OSM Consultants was established in 2002 by husband and wife duo, Sebastian and Shorley Mariner. The company started in a humble home office with a borrowed computer and an ambitious dream: To raise the standard of service industries in Samoa.

These two founders were fueled by two fundamental dreams: Sebastian was determined to build the future of Samoa, so he became a Civil Engineer. Shorley had a heart for championing the Samoan community and connecting those from the grassroots to government level, so she became a Social Safeguards Expert. Together, the duo built OSM Consultants, a business that would build not only a nation but develop communities and champion its people.

As the two founders thought about a company name and vision, ‘OSM Consultants’ rose to the fore. OSM is an acronym for the first and last names’ of the Owners as well as that of their two daughters: Olisana and Okalani (O), Sebastian and Shorley (S), Mariner (M) – a testament to their heart for legacy.

The founders’ commitment to excellence and their strong Christian faith became the foundation upon which OSM Consultants was built. To this day, legacy, excellence, innovation, partnership and integrity remain the core values for their business success.