OSM Consultants

OSM Consultants is a civil engineering consultancy firm which specialises in a broad range of civil engineering and infrastructure-type services. The company has established a reputation for delivering excellent services at a competitive rate, all the time. OSM Consultants has been involved in all of the major sectors in the economy. From water to roads and communications to structural and architectural design, OSM strives to meet all its clients’ needs.

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Our Mission

To deliver timely, high quality, innovative solutions for civil engineering and infrastructural orientated projects that satisfy the needs of our clients and community.[/accordion_group]


Our Vision

To lead the market in knowledge, skills and expertise so as to provide first-class solutions – in the field of civil engineering and infrastructure – to satisfy local and global clients as well as contribute to the development of a more integrated global community.


We strive to deliver timely, high quality solutions that appeal to our clients’ specific needs. Our aim is to lead the market with knowledge, skills and expertise in order to produce first-class deliverables within a realistic timeframe.


We aim to provide customers with one-of-a-kind solutions. Our main objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations by applying new techniques and technologies that are tailor-made to suit their specific needs.


As we build new places, we also believe in building up people along the way. Our company is heavily rooted in Christian values and we aim to provide for the community by providing leadership opportunities and contributing to local causes wherever we can.


We must ensure that future generations have access to our current resources by integrating corporate social responsibility in our line of work. In order to make this happen, our aim is to apply ethical and eco-friendly practices to our business model.